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Beta Marine’s engine range is based on the most advanced water-cooled diesel from Kubota.

The range features high quality, heat exchanger or keel cooled engines which are both powerful and compact with:

– Low weight
– Compact size
– Quiet, smooth-running characteristics through the speed range
– Low emissions meeting international requirements for this decade and beyond

Every engine from the BZ482 up to the BV3300 incorporates the Kubota E-TVCS injection system. The BV3800 utilizes the Kubota E-CDIS system for direct injection.

Kubota parts are easy to find worldwide and at reasonable “street” pricing. The Beta engine has been designed for easy maintenance, including:

– Integral oil change pump
– Easy to reach the water pump
– Easy access to heat exchanger anodes

Beta has built a reputation for quality and customer support and the range is designed with this philosophy in mind. Even the smallest engine is a heat exchanger cooled for yacht and workboat applications. This avoids passing raw seawater through the engine block and gives a much longer engine life.

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